Esthetic Wrinkle Treatment

Botulinum Toxin is wonderful for that Refreshed and Confident look! Wrinkles caused by muscle movements and repeated facial expressions can easily be softened or eliminated with easy and quick injections. After giving injections for over 20 years in dentistry, Dr. Audrey is all about comfort!

Filler & Lip Augmentation

Fillers are a great treatment and exciting if you are looking to regain your youthful appearance a bit or just want that little extra plumpness in your lips.

Pain Management

Dr. Audrey has treated Jaw Pain and Migraines with great success. This is where the excitement is! Helping patients feel better and enjoy life day to day, truly rewarding. Botulinum Toxin can drastically decrease or eliminate Migraines, Tension Headaches and TMD/Jaw Pain. Needling is treatment designed to break up tight muscle, or knots that form when muscles fail to relax. These trigger points are found commonly in the neck and shoulder area. A small injection of lidocaine can be inserted gently into these trigger points to treat them and promote healing. A very easy procedure with great potential of healing and benefits! Myofascial and Myalgia Spray is a very easy treatment that helps create comfort! It relieves tight muscles and helps relax your jaw muscles during and after dental treatment. It works wonders and our patients rave about it!