Blanca G.

"Dr. Audrey and Stacy Johnson have been our family dentists since 1999. We feel very comfortable and trust that they have a done a wonderful job on our teeth."

Rebecca F.

"This is surely the friendliest, most caring practice in the world. Everyone here honors my phobia, never belittles, and always goes beyond what’s necessary to reassure me."

Mary C.

"I have been a patient of Dentistry of Indiana for well over 10 years. Dr. Audrey has always been great about explaining options for different procedures and has always kept cost in mind. She and her staff has always been professional but most importantly- very caring and considerate. I would not hesitate to recommend dentistry of Indiana to any friends and family."

Carol M.

"I love my dentist and the staff. They are super polite, professional, and friendly. I have recommended Dr. Johnson and Dr. Lily Chen to friends and family. All the staff cheerfully and completely answer my questions completely. I am treated with respect."

Suzanne D.

"My teeth needed much work… and I knew it. That is exactly how I began a series of dental experiences at Dentistry of Indiana. Dr. Stacy came out to the waiting room and did what he was able to soothe me. I was then ushered past a series of open rooms into a spacious setting with a window that looked out on the world... I was addressed with a soft spoken courtesy by Dr. Audrey and it became apparent that there was a concern for my well being... All that came at me from the staff was patient kindness and a gentle skill that slowly allowed me to move from terror to trust. Several month have passed. I have experienced a wide variety of dental procedures... I was treated with as much respect and skill as it is possible to receive. If you find yourself in need of dental care and your past experiences have included treatment that has created fear –may I suggest you contact Dentistry of Indiana. It is not possible to be in the hands of more compassionate or skilled dentists than what you will find there."